Employer Assistance

This section is provided to assist business group plan administrators.  The links contained here require password access and are used to administer the groups plans that have been purchased.  If you are not a plan administrator you should utilize the employee assistance area of this site.

The administrator services provided by insurance companies varies but usually include administrator logins, administrative supplies, claims assistance, and employer registration.  The administrative logins permits a group benefit plan administrator, to add, change, and terminate employees’ coverage to reflect employment changes within the organization.  The Forms links provided mechanisms to order supplies from the insurance carrier including plan descriptions, booklets and pamphlets, posters and signage as needed, and claim and application forms.  You can order new identity cards and certificates and can use the Rx Formulary link to identify prescription medicines covered by your carrier.  The claims assistance area provides access to reports and information that helps a company control costs and understand how plan expenses are distributed.  If you have not received your administrative login and password. please contact us or call for assistance.

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